I See / Think / Desire / Do...

Thursday, January 5, 2012 (All day) - Friday, January 13, 2012 (All day)

The purpose of the exhibition, I see / think / desire / do … is to explore the application of phenomenological thinking in the production of sculpture and installation. Phenomenological paradigm highlights the necessity to see past our ideas about things so that we can experience the things themselves as they appear in the everyday world.

In contemporary society we are inundated with perceptual precepts that are dictated by our cognitive maps, which arguably misconstrue our reality. More often the individual is so distracted and caught up with reacting to the stimuli of the ever growing spectacle of society that he or she becomes disassociated from one’s own body and senses, alienating one’s self and depriving one’s self of conscious experience- he or she remains in a cloud, a mere perpetual reflex to his or her environment.

The show features Emily Carr students and alumni and SFU alumni working primarily in the realm of sculpture ranging in a vast diversity of mediums. Exhibiting artists include: David Lin, Mandy Mitton, Jeff Mettlewsky, James Kemp, Bonnie McKibbin, Evgeni Saiapine and Magali Hébert-Huot.

The exhibition is curated by James Kemp.

Concourse Gallery
January 5 – 13, 2012
Reception | Friday, January 13, 7 – 9pm