The Voyage, or Three Years at Sea Part IV | Charles H. Scott Gallery

Good Ship from the series Ship of Fools, Allan Sekula
Tuesday, October 30, 2012 - 7:30pm - 10:30pm

The Voyage, or Three Years at Sea Part IV is the latest installment in a multi-exhibition series about our relationship to the sea curated by Cate Rimmer ('86). Part IV looks at the business and politics of shipping and features the work of three internationally renowned artists – Stan Douglas, Uriel Orlow and Allan Sekula.

In Journey into Fear, Stan Douglas conflates Herman Melville's The Confidence Man with two film versions of Eric Ambler's espionage novel Journey Into Fear. Each film version one from 1942, the other from 1975, is adapted to suit the political intrigues of their day. Douglas' version is open ended and fraught with uncertainty which is heightened through his use of looping and repetition.

In 1967, fourteen cargo vessels were caught in the Suez Canal at the outbreak of the Six Day War and were unable to leave until the canal was re-opened eight years later. During that time the multi-national crews that were required to stay with the ships formed a community and their story is the subject of Swiss artist Uriel Orlow's project The Short and Long of It.

Allan Sekula is one of the leading contemporary artists working with the subject of shipping and late capitalism. From his seminal work Fish Story to his latest film The Forgotten Space, made with Noel Burch, Sekula has investigated the impact of globalization on the workers that make a living from the sea and on the sea itself. For the exhibition at the Charles H. Scott Gallery, Sekula will present The Forgotten Space along with a version of his large project Ship of Fools.

In tandem with the exhibition at the Charles H. Scott Gallery, a component of the exhibition, LURED will take place at the Vancouver Maritime Museum

Charles H. Scott Gallery
October 31 - December 16, 2012
Allan Sekula Artist Talk | October 25, 7pm, Lecture Theatre, Room 301 | South Building
Opening Reception | October 30, 7:30 pm

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