Re-Forming | 2017 Aboriginal Student Exhibition

Annual Aboriginal Student Exhibition
March 24-April 3, 2017

Opening Reception | Friday, March 24 from 4:30 to 6:30PM
Concourse Gallery

Re-Forming desires to play on the word “form” as an aesthetic critique of a creative work while proposing a reformulation of fixed understandings of aesthetic as it relates to Indigenous artists and subject matter.

As a suggestive device, this title asks the viewer to deepen their consideration of “what it means to be an Indigenous artist” versus “what it means to make art of Indigenous subject matter”, and to thoughtfully re-form initial, predetermined perspectives into something more generative and open.

The process of re-forming as a practice in itself encourages an enriched critical engagement with the subtleties and nuances that exist for Indigenous artists and their creative practices.

We want to highlight how Indigenous people are engaging with the reformation of culture, languages, politics and creative aesthetic and how that reformation allows a necessary shift in the relationships that our audiences have with us, our art and each other in the context of contemporary art.

This Year's Student Curatorial Team:
  - Mallory Amirault  | Mi’kmaq Metis
  - Nicole Preissl | Stolo
  - Veronica Danes | Gitxsan
  - Michelle Williams | Haida