Interdisciplinary Forums Spring 2011 Lecture Series

War is Over | Yoko Ono and John Lennon, 1969
Thursday, January 20, 2011 - 3:50pm - Thursday, April 14, 2011 - 3:50pm
Interdiscipinary Forums presents - More Than Words: Art, Language and Textual Practices

Text based practices employ strategies using language, archives and typography as artistic tools. From the early avant garde to contemporary work, the use of text challenges the conventions of the visual and conceptual in image making. Whether in the form of printed texts, painted signs, words on the wall, or recorded speech, experiments with text challenge the limits of communication. With the more recent influence of new technologies, textual elements fully inform our daily experiences and modes of communication. How is text also an image? What aspects of design influence visual culture? 

What are the ways in which archives inform historical knowledge, memory and art practice? From concrete poetry to public art this course offers an exciting public lecture series to explore the various ways in which the art and text inform and shape our daily lived experiences and practices.

January 20
 Randy Lee Cutler and Kyla Mallett, Text + Image Practice
January 27
James Rout, Mutable Memory and Digital Heritage
February 3
Jonathan Aitken, Typographic Play                                             
February 10
Brady Cranfield, The Sound of Voices                
February 17
Lorna Brown/Kristina Podesva, Art and Language                                      
March 3 
Durwin Talon, Words and Pictures: Type and Design in Sequential Art
March 24 
Jamie Hilder, Concrete Poetry and Conceptual Art: A Difference of Opinions                                                       
March 31 
Laiwan, Of Audience to a Dream: Performative and Embodied Writing     
April 7
Screening Helvetica, A Documentary Film (2007) by Gary Hustwit
April 14

Seaton, Text Dunes and Twitter Mazes: Textual Experimentation and Social Media
Lectures take place Thursdays at 3:50pm in the Lecture Theatre, Room 301, South Building. Everyone is welcome.