Erik Olson | Douglas Udell Gallery

Posted: Thu, 2013-02-14 16:23

The Douglas Udell Gallery is pleased to open Architecture of the Face, their inaugural exhibition of work by Erik Olson (’07).

Olson’s work explores the nature of perception in the painted portrait. With thick, sweeping brushstrokes of rich and boldly coloured linear fragments of paint, Olson’s faces crystallize into a frenetic whole. Referencing cubism, Olson provides viewers with multiple abstracted vantage points of his sitters’ faces, revealing a structural quality to their arresting expressions. Olson’s interest in ‘that which hold things together’ calls attention to the expansive possibilities of perception, and his painterly approach to the surface of his canvas underlies his careful realization of the architecture of the face.

Architecture of the Face runs from Saturday, February 23 to March 9, 2013, at Douglas Udell Gallery in Vancouver.