Scott Mallory | ArtVenice Biennale

Inverted Universe (still)
Posted: Wed, 2017-04-19 18:51

Scott Mallory (MFA '17) will show two video works for a large screen presentation at the Biennial Project's ArtVenice Biennale IV reception held in Venice, Italy during the Opening/Press Week of The Venice Biennale 57 in May 2017.

His work was shown among their online audience of over 40,000, and the screening is juried by artists who have shown in recent Venice Biennales, including Nigol Bezjian, Agrelia Bravo, Binelde Hyrcan, George, Camille, Camille Zakharia and Togmidshiirev Enkhbold. The works selected are "Inverted Universe" (2015) and "REM" (2016). "REM" was originally created for the TED2016 "Dream" Conference, has shown internationally, and will be featured in an upcoming special edition of ACS Magazine which has an international readership of 220,000.