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  • 2011-02-21 10:30

    Long time Emily Carr Professor Landon Mackenzie is featured in the current issue of Canadian Art Magazine in an article by Robin Laurence called "The Centre of the World: Landon Mackenzie in the Studio and the Classroom."

  • 2011-02-21 08:42

    (zero.O.lab) is a space for artists, designers and creative thinkers to conduct research on zero waste art and design concepts. Using collaboration as method for exploration and dissection on fashion production and consumption, this project will serve as an incubator into the conversation between art, fashion, and the commerce of identity.

  • 2011-02-18 11:17

    Georgina Russell (02) has been selected as an artistan by the One of A Kind Spring Show's newest platform - the Craft Community of Canada. This new endeavour helps to launch the careers of emerging artists and features Canada's brightest talents in the handmade industry, as nominated by the nation's leading art and cultural organizations.

    This section also celebrates the educational institutions and organizations of the Canadian art and craft community who work to teach, foster talent, grant opportunities, and increase exposure of the uniquely talented artists and artisans working today.



  • 2011-02-17 09:40

    Actualized by a group of Emily Carr grads in January 2011, with the imperative participation of some forty graduating artists, the NOMAD Gallery is a self referential, not-for-profit organization which currently runs for one month at a time.

  • 2011-02-17 09:38

    The Caroline Victoria Coldicutt Arts Foundation is pleased to introduce the Caroline Victoria Rose for the Arts.  The CVCAF, a non-profit organization established in 2006 to celebrate the memory and artistic passion of Caroline Victoria Coldicutt, funds an annual art scholarship at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.  According to Elizabeth Wood Coldicutt, president of the CVCAF,  “Over 30% profit from the sale of each rose will go toward the Caroline Victoria Arts Scholarship at Emily Carr to help and assist student artists in need.”

  • 2011-02-14 15:52

    The Charles H. Scott Gallery is dedicated to encouraging the development and understanding of artist’s publications and books on art. This can be seen primarily through READ Books and the Emily Carr University Press but also through the gallery’s programme of exhibitions.

  • 2011-02-14 12:19

    Andrew Dadson (03) and Jonathan Syme exhibit new works that explore the materiality of paint through distinct methods of layering.

    Jonathan uses linear elements of saturated colour to draw the eye into his optically rich fields of algorithmic-like abstraction. In contrast, Andrew’s work is mute and calm by nature with subtle evidence of the layers of colour and texture that make up the final effaced surface; both allowing the viewer to enter the void and explore the liminal space between.

  • 2011-02-11 15:18

    Angell Gallery presents Kim Dorland’s (98) sixth solo exhibition at the gallery in an exhibit entitled Nocturne.

    The exhibit paintings, drawings and sculptures expose a world of supernatural, dreamlike imaginings to us, where what is or isn’t “real” has come into question; and been made to seem plausible by the power of the imagination. The artist’s implication, in deploying his habitual formal gusto, seems to be that what is believed to be real, is as real as it needs to be.

    Kim Dorland | Nocturne
    January 22 – February 19, 2011
    Opening Reception | Saturday, January 22 | 6-9pm
    Angell Gallery
    Toronto, Ontario

  • 2011-02-10 12:40

    One of Emily Carr's most esteemed alumni, Gordon Smith (46) has been commissioned by the City of Surrey Public Art Advisory Committee to complete a painting for the new Surrey City Centre Library where it will be permanetly installed and unveiled to the public in the fall of 2011.

    The 6’6” x 20’6” winter landscape painting will be temporarily displayed as a preview for one night only on March 2, 2011, at the Surrey Arts Centre.

    Gordon Smith shows annually at the Equinox Gallery and was, in 1997, the subject of a major retrospective at the Vancouver Art Gallery. He has received both the Order of British Columbia and Order of Canada.

  • 2011-02-08 12:00

    Horse Fly Studios has announced the product launch of The Velveteen Rabbit plush toy with the help of

    Originating from the self-produced and self-distributed short film of The Velveteen Rabbit, the plush toy has found new opportunities with Kickstarter, a marketplace that helps funds creative ideas and ambitious endeavors. Horse Fly Studios developed the first live action with stop-motion animation version of The Velveteen Rabbit in 2007. The movie found success in film festivals all over the world and produced a demand to distribute the film and plush toy.

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