Exhibition Space in the Library

The Library has several exhibition spaces available to students and faculty. The primary purpose of these exhibition venues is to provide space for students to exhibit their work. Faculty, staff and other university departments and events can also apply to use this space. The library welcomes proposals from instructors for exhibitions of work completed in a classroom context. 

Library Mezzanine Gallery

PDF application instructions and floor plan: 

The mezzanine at the east end of the library offers a unique exhibition space for students. It is highly visible, open to the community, and allows students to exhibit within a collaborative and creative research space. 

The exhibition space is comprised of a cement wall with picture rail, windows, floor and stairwell wall space with laddered rails and removable wooden shelves. Library furniture in the mezzanine can be rearranged but the space cannot be emptied. Some seating must be present to accommodate students.

Mezzanine Dimensions:
    floor area - 156" X 248" (approx.)
    cement wall - 119" high X 239" long
    picture rail on cement wall - 194" long
    windows - 74" high X 126" long
    stairwell wooden shelves - 10" wide X 56" long

Applications can be submitted twice a year for the Fall and Spring semesters through the Concourse Gallery call for submissions (usually in September and November). Formal applications can also be submitted for consideration throughout the year.  

For additional questions about exhibiting in the Library Mezzanine Gallery please contact the library at library@ecuad.ca.

Instructors interested in exhibiting work completed in a classroom context should read the following guidelines: ClassExhibitionGuidelines.pdf

Library Window Gallery

Our street level 'Library Window Gallery' faces North onto Johnston Street and is a perfect place to curate a show. The window offers a secure space, lit with adjustable spotlights and natural light. A wooden dowel system can accommodate the suspension of light objects.

Window Dimensions:
    width - 109''
    height - 72''
    depth - 32''

This space can be booked for up to 2 weeks at a time. Please contact the library at library@ecuad.ca to schedule a date.

Library Display Case

There is a wood and glass display case on the main floor of the library. This is an excellent place to exhibit print media or small sculpture.

Display Case Dimensions:
   width - 70.5"
   height -12"-15" (sloping lid)
   depth - 23.5"

This space can be booked for both short exhibitions and shows of longer duration. Please contact the library, library@ecuad.ca to schedule a date.

Additional Exhibition Space

On long-term display are works by faculty at Emily Carr. Currently on display is a painting by Landon Mackenzie.