Copyright - Video/DVD

Film and Copyright

Making a copy of a multimedia work without written permission of the copyright holder is in violation of the Copyright Act. In multimedia works, copyright will subsist separately in each of the different media contained within the work, eg. voice, text, video clips, performances, music, etc. Permission to copy a multimedia or audio visual work will require obtaining permission from all of the copyright holders concerned.

Screening films at ECU for movie night, club night, and other special events

The Library maintains two Entertainment Agreements that license the presentation of feature length films on campus. The films presented must be produced by a studio represented by ACF or Criterion Pictures and the presentation must be restricted to the ECU campus and its' members. Movies can be obtained from video clubs, stores, personal collections, public libraries, etc. Advertisement and promotion of the exhibition of films will not include Radio, Television or commercial Newspaper announcements.

  • List of Studios and producers represented by ACF

Copying clips into your online course
Unless stated otherwise, copying video clips or linking to an online video on your course site is not allowed. Learn how to identify the copyright associated with individual works available online.