Zara Jin


  • 2010

    This is a graphic novel based on a horror story that I heard in the radio.

    The project is a online graphic novel, it's placed on this website:


  • 2010

    My project introduces a healing way that addresses daily health issues inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    The oriental philosophy sees the body as a whole, and provides self-diagnosis and prevention methods towards illness. Good information about TCM is still quite obscure in the west, so I find this project necessary.

    The information is ordered through a schedule into four parts of the day. There are to-dos to maintain health for everyone, and chapters that introduce...

  • 2009

    This project was to make a motion piece inspired by music. We were to select a contemporary Canadian composer's work and imagine it in visual form. The music I selected was called Arctic dreams, composed by Christos Hatzis. It was about Inuit culture, and I was able to see imagery the first time I heard it.

    Although I didn't have skills in motion graphics, I managed to use paper cuts and hand shadows as the media to create the piece.