Food Etc: Food Culture Magazine


This fall semester grad project looked at examining food culture in North America and how it affects young adults. The food industry has become a large part of modern culture, primarily concerned with profit over consumer health. Advertising plays a large role in most peoples’ relationship with food without them even realizing it and government does little to regulate the influence of the industry on consumers. It is especially important for young adults to be aware of these issues, as they are at a very important transitional stage in their life as they strike out on their own and are learning how to take care of themselves and develop eating habits that they will take with them through most of their adult lives. This challenge of engaging young adults to take an interest in what they are eating is what I decided to tackle for my fall semester senior core project.

Through research and observation I decided to design a magazine that could be distributed through university student unions or other resources interested in health and well being such as organic grocers. It would include articles about current issues involving the food industry. To relate to my target audience, I chose articles written in plain language as well as pieces that not only looked at food, but its influence on art, culture, and society as a whole to make the issues more interesting and relatable to a younger audience. The result was “Food Etc.” a food and culture magazine that is designed to help young adults absorb and interpret media influences regarding food and make them aware of the dangers of poor eating habits.

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