FNDT 160 S002: Core Media Studio I

This studio course provides a core experience in media. It introduces students to vocabularies, techniques, and methodologies of photography and media arts, including aspects of video, sound, performance, and multi-media installation. Through workshops and in-class studio sessions, discussions, and critiques students will explore a range of approaches and processes that form the basis of media arts. This course will emphasize content, creative process, research, and critical issues in photography and media arts practices, in conjunction with the acquisition of basic technical skills.

Course content: 

This section of Media Arts Core is taught by Rubén Möller, whose practice is Experimental Animation (traditional, digital), Cinematic Arts (film, digital) specializing in Stereoscopy and Narrative Theory. This section will explore the Photographic Arts through Print and Media Production from Cinematography to Composite and Editing, as well as Mixed-Media Projection. The course aims to develop a conceptual balance with production value standards in Theatrical, Installation, and Social-Media platforms

Course outline
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Date / Time Days Room Building
Jan 8-Apr 24
M C3265 MAIN
Jan 8-Apr 24
M C3265 MAIN