Below is a listing of the courses we offer at Emily Carr in this subject area. The number of section offerings for each course are listed to the right of each course title.

Please note: Course section offerings listed in future terms are subject to change. The availability numbers for future terms are listed here to provide some assistance to students in planning their academic year.

CourseTitleSummer 2017Fall 2017Spring 2018
HUMN 100Academic Core I220
HUMN 101Academic Core II220
HUMN 205Perspectives in the Crit. Humn22
HUMN 300Critical Practices Workshop11
HUMN 303Art + Text Seminar1
HUMN 304Social Practice Seminar11
HUMN 305Studies in the Humanities223
HUMN 306Studies in Humanities: Design111
HUMN 307Environmental Ethics11
HUMN 308Studies in Illustration Genres1
HUMN 309Cross Cultural Design
HUMN 311Visual Art Seminar465
HUMN 312Story Telling + Script Develop1
HUMN 313Script Writing/Concept Develop12
HUMN 411Written Project1