ILUS 305 S001: Illustration Genres: Topic

This course varies in topic from section to section, and is repeatable for 3 credits so long as the thematic topic has changed. As a diverse field that spans print, screen, objects and environments both physical and virtual, Illustration increasingly necessitates the ability to adapt. The topics and thematics offered on this course are designed to expose students to a range of unique approaches to illustration practiced within the field. Students will engage in problem solving and debate, research and experimentation. Topics and thematics have included: Allegory, Botanical Illustration, Children's Books, Concept Design, Comics, Editorial, Food, Illustrating Literature and Illustration Design, Sci-Fi, etc.

Priority is given to ILUS students in Years 3 and 4. Students outside of the registration priority group may register/waitlist for this course as of the registration rule release date.

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Topic: Narrative Nonfiction

When artists interpret real-life issues visually, the results can change the course of history and the "global conversation." We will analyze illustrators who turned research and observation into powerful visual communucation, from Francisco Goya (The Disasters of War) to Kabi Nagata (My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness). Students will rigorously research and create their own sequential art (picture book, comic/manga, art book, etc.) about an issue or true story they want to shed light on.


Completion of 54 credits

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