Registration Policies

Admission to individual courses is on a first-come, first-served basis. Early registration is strongly recommended as class sizes are limited to ensure a quality educational experience. Please note that no registrations are accepted after a course has started. Unless otherwise indicated, students of Continuing Studies (CS) courses must be at least 18 years old by the course start date.

The tuition fees apply to the tuition portion of your fee in some cases may include materials supplied to students, studio assistance and models. Fees are payable at the time of registration. Failure to make payment within 24 hours of registration will result in being removed from your courses(s). Postdated cheques are not accepted. NSF cheques must be replaced wth a a certified cheque or cash; a charge of $25 will be levied for each NSF cheque. 

 a discount of 10% is available to all seniors aged 60 or older at the time of registration, with identification.

Alumni: a discount of 10% is available for those who have completed an emily carr diploma or degree, or the Design Essentials Program. Students registered for an advanced studies certificate who have completed an introductory certificate program will also receive a 10% discount.
Note: only one discount will apply.

Course Transfer Policy
No transfer of fees will be granted within seven days of the course start date. A transfer of fees, minus an adminstrative charge of $35, will be issued if the request for transfer is received no less that seven calendar days prior to the course start date of the course the student is leaving. You must pay any additional fees at the time of transfer. You may tranfer from one course to another by phone, fax or email. 

Withdrawals and Refund Policy
No refund will be given for withdrawal within seven days of the course start date. Exceptions are made on compassionate grounds. In such cases a written request for refund, accompanied by appropriate documentation from a third party (e.g. medical note), must be submitted. A refund of fees, minus an administrative charge of $35 per course, will be issued if notification of withdrawal is received no less than seven calendar days prior to the course start date. Students may withdraw from a course by phone, fax, or email. Under no circumstances will refunds be granted for requests received after the end of a course or workshop.

Emily Carr Contiung Studies offers courses which are open to everyone, regardless of their experience. However we also offer advanced courses for more experienced students. If a course requires a prerequisite or equivalent, we highly recommend that you take the Emily Carr Continuing Studies prerequisite prior to taking the advanced course. 
Please note: If you are not at the level required for the course, the instructor reserves the right to recommend your removal from the course to one more suited to your level.

Language Requirements
All classes are taught in English. Students whose first language is not English should note that they are required to be proficient in both spoken and written English and be able to participate in group discussions and presentations in English. As a guideline we would expect you to have an IELTS score of 4.5 for studio courses and 6.0 for lecture courses.
Note: If you are not at an appropriate language level, Continuing Studies reserves the right to move you to a class more suitable to your skill level. 

Registration Deadlines
You are encouraged to register well in advance of a course's start date to ensure your spot and ensure that a class will run with sufficient registration. Registrations may be accepted up to one day prior to the first day of class if space permits.
Note: No registrations are accepted after a course has started. 

Registration Confirmation
Your registration confirmation/receipt lists any supplies required for your course(s). This information, including room, days, and times of your course, will be sent to you upon receipt of your registration form and processed payment. Registration information and fees must be received together. You must present your registration confirmation/receipt to the instructor at the first class. Students who do not appear on the instructor's class list will not be permitted to attend.

Wait Lists
If seats are no longer available in a class, students can be added to a wait list. If a seat opens in the class, the student will be contacted by the CS office to assist with enrolment into the class. There is no cost to be added to the wait list, and no obligation to register if a space becomes available. Students on wait lists should not attend classes unless they have been contacted in advance by the CS office. Instructors do not admit students to the class on the first day.

We reserve the right to cancel a course up to five days prior to the course start date if there is insufficent enrolment. Should a course be cancelled by Emily Carr Continuing Studies for any reason, a full refund will be processed and sent automatically to all registrants. Course cancellation will be announced to each student by email. Please ensure that your email is on file and up to date. Contact to change or update your email address.