Special Topics for Summer 2016 and Fall 2016

Special Topics 

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Spring 2017

FVIM 333 S001E Media Practices (6)  cross-listed with ISMA 303 S001E Interactive Sound + Vision (6)

Wednesdays, 8:30am – 3:50pm, Spring 2017

Instructors: Julie Andreyev + TBA

Topic: Acoustic Ecologies

This special topics focuses on acoustic ecology practices combined with sound-art making. Acoustic ecology pays attention to the sonic fields of urban and natural environments, and to the humans and other-than-human beings that inhabit them. It emphasizes relations, the relationship between beings and their surroundings, and the relationship between soundscapes and listeners. The course asks students to consider how sound is relational; how it can a medium of relation with world around them. Students will combine this investigation with creative making. This course goes deep, researching acoustical spaces of the local environments and their creative potential for art making. Students will research, record, report and imagine how to respond to a site through sound. Students will self-determine, research and produce one sound-based project throughout the course as a sound walk, outdoor sound installation, gallery-type soundscape, performance, sound map, or other sound art form. The course will support students who may wish to integrate visual media or materials into their project. The course will include lectures, workshops, readings, discussions, critiques. Students will gain skills in field recording, sound editing, synthesizing sound, computational techniques, soundscape composition, and soundscape production. This course is open all students in the University who have completed second year.

FVIM 416 S001 - Special Topics in Integrated Media (3)

Thursdays, 8:30am – 11:20am, Spring 2017

Instructor: Julie Andreyev

Topic: Media Ecologies

This special topics course offers students the opportunity to expand their practice by involving creative content from other-than-human beings. This course is for artists and designers who want to explore interspecies collaboration—contemporary thought and practice that explore more-than-human creativity, and human and other-than-human co-creation. Students will be encouraged to explore how creative processes contribute to ecological awareness and respectful co-existence. Students will be exposed to methods that combine their experimental making with ethics of care. The course includes workshops, lectures, readings, discussions and making sessions. Students will be asked to create one project in the medium of their choice—film, video, sound, text, installation, web, performance, projection, photography, etc.—produced in respectful creative collaboration with other animals, plants, or inanimate beings. Students may use this course to inform their graduating degree project. This course is open all students in the University who have completed second year.

ILUS 306 S001 - Illustration Practices: Topics (6)

Wednesdays, 1pm – 7:20pm, Spring 2017

Instructor: Daphne Plessner

Topic: Subversive Surface Decoration
This studio course is dedicated to designing patterns and experimenting with surface decoration that engages critically with issues and debates that are important to the student. Each assignment facilitates the development of the content of students' artwork and helps them to synthesize critical content with an aesthetic handling of surface design, colour palettes and pattern design. Equally, students will be encouraged to source and experiment with the choice of objects/surfaces for their decorative, pattern designs. The aim is to encourage students to be adventurous, to challenge conventional notions of taste and to have fun and experiment while also refining their intentions and interests as practitioners.

VAST 320 S001R & VAST 420 S001R - Visual Arts Thematic I & II (6)

Tuesdays, 12:30pm – 6:40pm, Spring 2017

Instructor: David MacWilliam

Topic: Colour Projects

Colour is everywhere around us and is a big part of our daily lives. This course will focus on the historical, cultural and social contexts which affect our perception, use and understanding of colour. We will examine the histories of specific colours and learn about scientific innovations and their attendant colour theories. “Case studies” of innovative colour use by contemporary artists and designers will be considered in relation to making our own colour projects.