Bachelor of Fine Arts

Critical + Cultural Practice Major

The Critical + Cultural Practice major enables students to explore the importance of art history, theory and criticism while they develop their studio practice. Academic classes (Art History, Design History, English, Humanities, Media History, Science and Social Sciences) can make up more than half of the curriculum with the remainder of credits in studio courses. This interdisciplinary approach allows students to foster connections between theory and practice, and to bring modern and contemporary approaches to the creation of material and textual culture.

Film, Video + Integrated Media Major

Film, Video + Integrated Media offers a studio-based education that explores contemporary practices in media arts. The program offers a vibrant combination of studio work, technical instruction, theory, critical analysis, history and professional practices. Film, Video + Integrated Media focuses on independent interdisciplinary learning processes and specialized technical skill development within a model of collaboration, historical and critical awareness and creative content development.

Photography Major

Photography offers a strong emphasis on conceptual, technical and historical knowledge, preparing students to become innovative photographers within contemporary culture. Curriculum covers a wide range of cameras, black and white and colour processes, archival printing, digital imaging, installations, studio and projection lighting, projected imagery, image and text, and directorial work.

Visual Arts Major

Visual Arts offers a studio-based education that reflects the diversity and complexity of contemporary art practices. Possible areas of study include: ceramics, drawing, illustration, painting, print media, and sculpture.

Illustration Major

The practice of illustration plays a pivotal role in our changing visual culture. Students in this program will engage a diversity of pictorial strategies and explore their historical role and their future potential across the diversified landscape of contemporary art and design.