Film, Video + Integrated Media Major

Offering a vibrant array of technical and theoretical courses, the Film, Video, and Integrated Media major of the Bachelor of Fine Arts gives students an opportunity to explore contemporary practices in the media arts within the Faculty of Design + Dynamic Media.

Based on a collaborative model of interdisciplinary learning and technical skill development, the program encourages students to craft their education to pursue their own interests. Courses combine studio work, technical instruction, theory, critical analysis, history, documentary, and professional practices.

Graduates are highly skilled practitioners and creative problem solvers with the knowledge to enter a diversity of professional media arts fields such as film and video production, sound art, communications, new media, gallery exhibition, education, advertising, entertainment, and beyond. Skills developed include production and post-production, innovative approaches to narrative, experimental, and documentary filmmaking, while specific course offerings include film and video, installation, sound, performance, and set design.

Building on a foundation of technical proficiency acquired through creative exploration, students gain confidence to develop self-directed projects that may combine different media, theoretical and/or critical approaches. The innovative curriculum includes lectures, workshops, group critiques, class discussions, individual consultation, and studio support with comprehensive technical instruction. Students can focus on a specialized stream of courses that suit their particular interests such as Film and Video Production, Performance, or Installation.

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Peg Campbell

Christine Stewart

Harry Killas, Assistant Dean of Dynamic Media

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Matt Stephanson

Rafael Tsuchida