film video integrated media

The Film Video Integrated Media (FVIM) area of Emily Carr University offers students a number of facilities for film production, as well as an assortment of lighting and grip equipment to be used on campus, or taken off-site for location work.

Sound Stage with green screen Students work in our 1400 square foot acoustically treated sound stage equipped with a 16 foot lighting grid and large green screen. The space contains studio flats for building film sets, a dolly, and a variety of lighting a grip gear by Matthews, Kinoflo, Arri, and Altman.

Our other studio is 1000 square feet and is more oriented to media based gallery work and installations, although it also gets used as a production space. This open studio incorporates a 15 foot lowering lighting grid and remotely operated skylights for either natural or artificial lighting. Although a Final Cut Pro & ProTools editing station with video projection and mounted speakers are in the studio at all times, students often bring other media equipment in for experimentation and work.

Editing SuiteVideo postproduction stations use current Mac Pro towers running Final Cut Pro and Adobe’s Creative Suite. The area has both individual edit suites, as well as a four-station room to facilitate communication and collaboration while working. A dedicated screening room and edit suite is also available complete with HD projection, 5.1 surround sound, and acoustic treatment to help editors finalize their cuts.

Sound postproduction in the FVIM area is done using Pro Tools and/or Logic Pro. A dedicated Foley/ADR room feeds two separate facilities for recording, and a wide selection of microphones are available down the hall at the AV department.

Shooting on location Along with the software packages mentioned above, Max, MSP, and Jitter are also running in our multi-station computer lab.

On the analogue side of things, the FVIM area has a 16mm film editing suite and darkroom, and a multi format dubbing room to allow for the transfer and capture of formats both old and new.

Carlito Ghioni, Studio Technician III
Ext. 3837

Matt Stephanson, Studio Technician III
Ext. 3889

Rafael Tsuchida, Studio Technician III
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