Policy Agreement - Sep 2017.pdf

The Media Reources Borrowers' Policy Agreement outlines procedures, borrower responsibilities, guidelines and user information for borrowed equipment from Emily Carr University's Media Resources.

By signing and submitting the print version of the Media Reources Borrowers' Policy Agreement  to the Media Resources, the Borrower (current Emily Carr University faculty, staff and students holding valid Emily Carr ID cards) agrees to the terms and conditions set by the policy agreement.

As a First-time Borrower, it is mandatory to sign the Media Reources Borrowers' Policy Agreement  prior to borrowing equipment. Print copies of the policy agreement are also available at the Media Resources counter. Meida Resources is located in room D1310 on the first floor of Emily Carr. To contact Media Resources, view contact media resources and for our hours of operation, view hours.

For questions or clarification of the Media Reources Borrowers' Policy Agreement, contact Regan Paynter, Media Resources Coordinator at rpaynter@ecuad.ca.