Contract Designer Wanted

Name of Organization: 
Illuminate the Artist Within™
How to apply: 

Email your cover letter, resume, examples of your work and references to: before January 20th, 2011

Opportunity Description + Organization Information: 

Background. This is the second in a line of creative products for Illuminate the Artist Within™. Our mission is to create products to playfully and compassionately illuminate the artist within each and every one of us. The products such as cards, books, CD’s are currently sold at workshops and speaking engagements as well as online.  Our long term goal is to have the product line carried in stores.

This particular project is the creation of an educational/inspirational poster. The words and overall concept are complete.  Your job would include:

1)   to assemble the words and concepts in an artful way digitally (program of your choice) using the words givein to you and the existing ITAW logo.

2)   to work with an illustrator to embellish the poster with a few whimsical drawings that support the points and ideas.

3)   Create a printable version of this poster as well as a version to be uploaded to

This will be a co-collaboration and we will welcome your input and creative ideas as well as your design efforts.

Payment and Terms:

Designer meets with project manager for ¾ hour consultation/interview (unpaid) to ensure he/she is right for the job prior to beginning.

Designer must sign a work contract and non-disclosure agreement, these ideas and their development are proprietary.

Project to be completed in 6-10 hours max.  Designer will be paid $25/hr for all logged, signed and agreed upon hourly work  and upon completion of the work.



Experience assembling/designing images and words in space digitally
(we’d like to see your portfolio with specific projects)

• Experience scanning illustrations and adding them to a digital document • Attention to detail and follow through

• Three local references

• Basic working knowledge of a design program that can be used for this project such as Illustrator, Photoshop, or In design

• access to a computer with the necessary software.



Wednesday, January 20, 2010 (All day)