Co-Operative Education

Co-operative education integrates classroom learning with periods of paid work experience to enable students to apply their knowledge and skills. Co-op students receive credits toward their degree for successfully completed work terms.

Co-op students can assist an employers' short- or long-term needs by undertaking specific projects, or by providing general assistance to ease workload pressures on full-time employees. A wide range of employers, including large and small businesses, non-profit organizations and the public sector, hire co-op students. Through Emily Carr, employers have access to bright and talented art, design, and media students. The experience also allows an organization to recruit, train, and assess potential future employees.

Co-operative education is available to third and fourth year undergraduate students. Co-op placements can be full-time or part-time in summer, spring, and fall semesters. To post a co-op opportunity go to: Artswork Submission Guidelines

Co-operative Education Contact:
Shannon McKinnon
Advisor, Career Development
Phone: 604.844.3843
Email: coop[at]