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Emily Carr seeks to ensure a rewarding educational, artistic, and cultural experience to all international students, and recognizes the benefits that you as an international student bring to the University.

Services to Assist You

We offer services to help facilitate success in the learning and creative processes and to support you in your adjustment to the Canadian educational experience. We assist with off-campus housing, medical insurance information, and orientation to the University. We also provide welcome receptions in September and January, and ongoing international student advising. For more information contact the Admissions Office.

Please note that the Admissions Office staff cannot offer advice pertaining to immigration matters. More information on Bill C-35 can be found here:


I have been admitted to Emily Carr!

What are my next steps?

  1.  Let us know you are coming!
  2.  Begin Immigration Procedures
  3.  Start using your Emily Carr email account
  4.  Register for your classes
  5.  Plan for life at University
  6.  Contact your Emily Carr Ambassador!
  7.  Arrive in Vancouver
  8.  Check in!
  9.  Attend Orientation and Welcome Reception

1. Let us know you are coming!

Confirm you will be attending Emily Carr next September by paying your deposit before May 1st. You can pay your deposit on InsideEC. To find out how to access and use the InsideEC site, visit the InsideEC FAQ page.

2. Begin Immigration Procedures

These immigration documents are mandatory for all international students who wish to study at Emily Carr:

  • Passport
  • Study Permit

You might also need an Entry Visa (only for students from certain countries--see “Entry Visa”, below).


All travellers entering Canada require a valid passport from their home country. Ideally your passport will be valid for at least the length of your studies.

Study Permit

If you are not a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or a landed immigrant in Canada, you must obtain a valid Study Permit in order to study in Canada. You must apply for this document at a Canadian Embassy or Consulate prior to your arrival in Canada; you cannot obtain a Study Permit from within Canada.

For further information on Study Permits and how to apply, visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

You can find an application guide here.

An online application is available online for some countries.

You will have to provide Emily Carr's Designated Learning Institution (DLI) number when you apply for your Study Permit.
Emily Carr University of Art + Design's DLI is: O#  O19361259712

You should apply for your Study Permit as soon as you receive your acceptance letter from Emily Carr University. Processing times vary and it may take up to three months for your application to be processed. Starting early will make the process less stressful and ensure a smooth arrival in Vancouver.

See processing times by country here.

Students already in Canada on a valid Study Permit can apply online to extend their permit or apply to change conditions (required if you are changing from High School to post-secondary studies).

Entry Visa

International students from certain countries require an entry Visa (also called a Temporary Resident Visa, or TRV) to come to Canada. For the list of countries whose citizens require an entry Visa, click here.

For information on how to apply for a Visa, click here.

Medical Examination

International students from certain countries must undergo a medical examination if they intend to remain in Canada for six months or more. Click here to see if this applies to you.

3. Start using your webmail

As a new Emily Carr student you have been assigned a university web email account. Please note that this is the address we will use to contact you with registration information, so it is important that you activate and open your webmail account on a regular basis. Please do not forward your Emily Carr webmail to any other account, as your spam filters may prevent you from receiving important information.

You can check your email via  If you are having problems with your Emily Carr Webmail, you need to email, describe the problems and provide your full name and Emily Carr student number.

4. Register for your classes

All communication about registration is sent to you by email so be sure to check your Emily Carr webmail regularly. Registration takes place in June for classes starting in the Fall semester (September).

If you are a student entering in Foundation Year, you will receive an email inviting you to take a survey in which you can state your course preferences. Your answers will be used to determine appropriate courses in which to register you. You have until August 1st to complete the survey. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your Emily Carr webmail in mid-August with instructions on logging into your insideEC account to view your course schedule.

If you are a Transfer, Exchange or Visiting student, you will have to register yourself in classes online using our “InsideEC” portal.

As an admitted student, you already have access to the InsideEC portal. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with it as early as possible so that you are comfortable with the site. This will help you when you receive further information by email about registration.

For more information about InsideEC, visit the InsideEC FAQ page.

Photo courtesy of Tourism Vancouver 5. Plan for life at University

Plan your budget

Having an idea of what your typical expenses will be for your school year can help with your personal planning and may be required when applying for your Study Permit. Consult our 2015-16 Estimated Expenses information sheet.

Find a place to live

While the University does not offer on-campus housing, we can assist you in finding housing in a number of ways. Our housing website provides you with a searchable database of current housing listings in nearby neighbourhoods, a description of the areas of Vancouver, tips for planning your search, advice for renters, and a list of temporary places you can stay when you first arrive.

All sections of the website are viewable by the public, except for the listings database. For this section, you must be able to log on (when you are admitted you will be given a username and password for email that can also be used to access the database). Check out the Emily Carr housing site.

Get connected to the Emily Carr community!

Join our International Students at Emily Carr Facebook page and start meeting new and current students! Feel free to post questions or to simply introduce yourself! International Students at Emily Carr Facebook page

Health care coverage

All international and exchange students must have adequate health insurance during their time in Canada.  The Canadian health system provides a high standard of care, but costs can be very high if you are not properly insured.

As an international student enrolled at the Emily Carr University, you are required to have both basic and extended health insurance for the entire duration of your stay in Canada.  Basic insurance plans (including StudentGuard and MSP, below) cover costs such as doctor’s visits and some hospitalization.  Extended health care (including the Student Union Plan, below) covers a portion of dental, vision care, prescription drugs and a number of other items not covered under a basic plan.


Health insurance is provided by the BC Provincial Government through the Medical Services Plan (MSP).

MSP application forms are distributed at the Emily Carr International Orientation given in September. MSP insurance will cost $66.50 per month upon enrolment. You can find more information on the BC Provincial Government's Medical Services Plan website.

StudentGuard **Under revision and subject to change**

There is a 3-month waiting period for MSP. New international students are automatically enrolled by the University in private insurance through GuardMe, for coverage during the MSP waiting period, from September 1st to November 30th.The plan costs $144 for 3 months and is charged directly to your student account at Emily Carr.

Emily Carr Students’ Union Health & Dental Plan

Additionally, all Emily Carr students are automatically enrolled in the Students’ Union Extended Health and Dental Plan. For information on your extended coverage, see the Students’ Union website.

6. Contact your Emily Carr Ambassador!

What is the Emily Carr Ambassador program?

As a new student you will be contacted by one of our student ambassadors early this summer. The Ambassadors are a group of amazing current students who can't wait to meet you, and who want to make sure that you get all the information you need in order to have a smooth transition into Vancouver and the University. They will give you lots of insiders' tips via the Ambassadors' blog, and will be in touch with you all summer through live chats, forums, a Facebook page and Twitter feed. The Ambassadors will also host social events in Vancouver throughout the summer to give you a chance to meet them and other new students!

This program is free and is designed to help you quickly feel more at home in Vancouver. We understand it might be overwhelming to arrive in a new city or country. What better way to get some valuable insight into your new school and city than to pair up with an Emily Carr Ambassador?

7. Arrive in Vancouver

Be sure to arrive in time for your orientation. See blue box below for dates.

Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

Visit the Vancouver International Airport’s website for a preview of what your arrival at the airport will be like.

Travel from the Vancouver International Airport

Check out our Vancouver Airport Skytrain information sheet.

The YVR website will also give you more information on how to get to Vancouver from the airport.

Find Emily Carr University

Emily Carr University is located on Granville Island, a very popular urban park just a short ride away from downtown Vancouver. Visit Granville Island’s website for ways to get to the University. You can also visit their website for a map of Granville Island.

Relocation: Familiarize yourself with Vancouver

Vancouver, located on Canada’s Pacific west coast, is one of the most beautiful cities in North America. Surrounded by water, parks and the coastal mountains, the city provides a stunning natural environment and is recognized as one of the world’s most liveable cities.

Arriving in a new city is scary, but also exciting; there are so many new places to discover. Start with your new neighbourhood!  Find your new favorite restaurant, coffee shop or park. Find a “special place” where you will be able to escape when you need to relax. Explore the city’s beautiful beaches and green spaces, go for a bike ride on the sea wall or do day trips to Whistler or the Gulf Islands… And don’t forget to call home to tell everybody about your adventures!

Check out these websites for more information on your new home!

8. Check in!

All of us in the International Office are excited to meet you! Come visit the campus and introduce yourself once you have arrived in Vancouver. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We are located in Student Services, room 100 in the North Building.

You will need to bring us a copy of your Study Permit.


9. Attend Orientation and the Welcome Reception

Dates to be determined... Stay tuned!

Downloadable Materials for Admitted Students

More Information

We hope you will find answers here to many of the questions you may have as an international student. If there is anything else you need to know, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Phone: (+1) 604.844.3897