Courses | Registration Information for degree students

Courses | Registration Information for undergraduate students

Students who have been accepted into a degree program register for their courses through myEC.

Registration Instructions

Not sure how to register or having trouble using EC? Check out the insideEC FAQ page.

Registration by Proxy

If you are unable to register yourself, please make arrangements for a friend or relative to register on your behalf. Due to protection of privacy legislation, Emily Carr cannot assist or give student record access to a third party (including family members) without written permission from the student. Written permission should be provided to student services well in advance of your registration release date. An information release form is available on the student services forms page.

Undergraduate Students

Course Load Requirement

The maximum allowable course load in a semester is 18 credits. From the start of online registration and until the semester begins, only 12 of those credits can be studio based courses.

You must be enrolled in at least 9 credits to be eligible for a BC student loan and 12 credits to maintain a BC Arts Council scholarship and/or an Emily Carr tuition scholarship. Please visit Financial Aid + Awards for more information on student loans and scholarships.

In each semester, students are generally expected to take:

For all programs except critical + cultural practices, the overall credit requirement is 129 credits. You are expected to take:

  • Foundation: 15 credits in each semester
  • Second Year: 18 credits in each semester
  • Third Year: 18 credits in the fall, 15 credits in the spring
  • Fourth Year: 15 credits in each semester

Critical + cultural practices majors are expected to take 15 credits per semester throughout their four years of study for a total of 120 credits.

Please consult your program evaluation on insideEC to see which courses you need to complete.


You must check course prerequisites before registering. You will not be able to register in any course that you do not have the prerequisite for.  Prerequisites are listed with the course description - available through Current Course Listings or by clicking on the course title on insideEC.

Repeatable for Credit

Some courses may be repeated for credit. All attempts at repeating courses are calculated in the cumulative grade point average. We are working to have this information available with the course description but until that time you can check with Student Services to see if a course is repeatable for credit.

If you try to register for a course that you have completed in a previous semester and it is not repeatable for credit you will receive an error message. For example, "AHIS-200 taken 1 time(s). Once allowed."

Course Types

There are two categories of courses at Emily Carr: studio based courses and critical studies courses.

Studio Based Courses

Regardless of your major, any course with the following mnemonics are considered studio courses:

ANIM-Animation ILUS-Illustration
CRAM-Ceramics INDD-Industrial Design
COMD-Communication Design INTD-Interaction Design
CCID-Community Projects ISMA-Interactive + Social Media Arts
CGIA-Computer Graphics PNTG-Painting
DESN-Design PHOT-Photography
DRWG-Drawing PRNT-Print Media
FVIM-Film Video +Integrated Media SCLP-Sculpture
FNDT-Foundation VAST-Visual Arts Studio

On your program evaluation, any requirement listed as open studio can be fulfilled by courses with these mnemonics. A 6 credit studio course can fulfill two 3 credit open studio course requirements.

Critical Studies

Critical studies courses are academic courses. Subjects that fall under the critical studies heading include:

AHIS-Art History MHIS-Media History
DHIS-Design History SCIE-Science
ENGL-English SOCS-Social Science

You must complete all first and second year critical studies requirements before registering in any third year critical studies courses. All critical studies courses must be completed as required throughout your four year degree program.

Ever wonder what the difference is between humanities, social science and science?

  • Humanities courses include: philosophy, literature, art history, classical studies and language.
  • Social science courses include: psychology, anthropology, political science, sociology and women's studies.
  • Science courses include: biology, chemistry, earth science, wood science, physics, astronomy, oceanography and mathematics.

Online Courses

If you register for online courses, you will be contacted by your instructors via Emily Carr email to discuss course meeting times. Online course websites can be accessed through Usernames and passwords for online course access are the same as Emily Carr email. If you have trouble accessing the course website, email or call 604 630 4565. If a password needs to be reset you will be required to provide your Emily Carr student number and birth date.

Student Financial Record

All outstanding debts from the current semester must be cleared in order to register. If your financial record is not in good standing your registration username and login will not be active and you will no longer have access to University facilities. If you have a hold on your file, please contact financial services at 604-629-4515 to arrange payment.

Tuition Fees

You are responsible for the full amount of tuition fees assessed once you have submitted your registration. Fees will be adjusted only if courses are dropped within published deadlines. If you have been de-registered you are still responsible for the fees assessed. Please visit financial services for more information.