Industry + Community Competitions

Partnerships + Competitions

Emily Carr University of Art + Design welcomes partnerships with industry and community organizations. These partnerships offer students real-life experiences and enhance their education. There are currently two active, long-running competitions with industry and donor partners include:  

  • IDEA Art Award
  • First Capital Realty Inc. Sculpture Contest

Contact Eva Bouchard, Advancement + Alumni at 604.630.4553 to learn more about funding a competition or building a partnership to benefit students.

 IDEA Art Award

CALL FOR SUBMISSION - $5,000 prize!

Submission Deadline: Friday, March 3, 2017

"My hopes are that my work will help distract those in need of healing, and promote cultural discussion in a safe and healthy way."      
2016 winner Elizabeth Carter
Bison, Photo, 60" x 72” (above)


Credit students and emerging alumni (2014-2016) are invited to create a 2D piece to help transform and become part of a prestigious art collection that boasts Fred Herzog, Andy Warhol, Karin Bubaš and Attila Richard Lukacs. This year’s winning piece will help transform and humanize the new Joseph & Rosalie Segal Family Health Centre (JRSFHC), opening in the summer of 2017 on the VGH campus.

The IDEA Art Award was established in 2009 through a generous donation by Dr. Ian Penn and Dr. Sandy Whitehouse in consultation with the Healing Art Committee at VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation and Emily Carr University of Art + Design. The annual adjudicated award grants a prize of $5,000 to an emerging artist whose selected work be displayed within the hospital as part of the permanent collection.

NOTE: Maximum artwork dimensions are 4' x 6' vertical or horizontal.

Competition Overview
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First Capital Realty Inc. Public Sculpture Competition

Call for Proposals | $5,000 Prize

Emily Carr 4th year credit students and alumni from the credit program (2014-2016) are invited to submit a proposal for the First Capital Realty Public Sculpture Competition, now in its fourth year.

The competition offers students the chance to learn about the public art process, produce a public sculpture with the guidance of public art professionals, and receive $5,000 to develop their concept to
installation! Past competition winners include a sculptor, printmaker and painter. The competition is open to artists and designers in all disciplines.

The application deadline has passed; short-listed applicants are in phase II of the process.

Please contact for more information.

Competition Materials:

2015 Competition Winners

Congratulations to Klaudio Niwa and Kai Choufour who have been selected the recipients of the 2015 IDEA Art Award and First Capital Realty Sculpture Contest respectively. Emily Carr University is grateful to our industry and individual partners who offer students and alumni the opportunity to participate in community competitions. These competitions enrich their education through the real-life experience of developing an idea from initial concept into a final product or art piece.

First Capital Realty Sculpture Contest

Congratulations to fourth-year student Kai Choufour. His proposal, Hide and Seek, featuring the stylized figures of a coyote and a rabbit, was selected as the winner of the 2015 First Capital Realty Sculpture Contest. His colourful, interactive piece will be fabricated over the summer and installed at Scott 72 Centre in fall 2015, and comes with a $5,000 prize.

According to the artist, “My concept weaves together a narrative of the two. The coyote moves through the city; almost undetected, it lives with us. The rabbit is fast yet tentative. They are both playful. Together they create energy and beauty, conflict and resolution.”

IDEA Art Award

Congratulations to third-year student, Klaudia Niwa, who received the $5,000 IDEA Art Award for her large-scale acrylic painting, Adaptivity. Later this spring, the painting will be mounted at GF Strong where it will provide beauty, distraction and comfort for long-term patients, their families and hospital personnel.

Niwa created the piece for the competition, “The painting emphasizes the positive qualities of these universally recognizable waterfowl; their liveliness, ‘adaptivity’ and sense of community are attributes that people can appreciate and identify with…The overall effect is a piece that portrays a spectrum of positive and optimistic themes that aim to resonate with the viewer on a very personal and individual level.”


Amanda Arcuri, Honorable Mention (1 of 3 photographs)


Kangni Wang, Honorable Mention

  IDEA Art Award Winners 2010-2014


Richard Heikkila-Sawan, 2014

Chad Durnford, 2013

Taralee Guild, 2012

Marten Sims, 2011
Krista Jahnke, 2010

Christian Zenga was selected as the winner of the 2014 First Capital Realty Sculpture Contest for his piece, Bench Way (see below). The sculpture is installed at Harbour Front Centre in North Vancouver. Read the interview with Christian about his experience.