Darwin on display

Posted: Wed, 2011-12-07 18:27

The latest iteration of Darwin is on display in the library window. This is a project of Justin Novak's students who are in Illustration Practices: Toys/Figurines.

Darwin is a celebration of the slippage between form, surface, and identity.

Collaboratively designed and produced by students and faculty of the Illustration program at Emily Carr University, the project employs industrial ceramic processes but adopts the aesthetics and collaborative dynamics characteristic of the explosive "Urban Vinyl" subculture.

As a blank form that invites transformation through surface design, Darwin appropriates the strategy of the designer toy "platform", popularized by Toy2R's Qee and KidRobot's Dunny, but a much longer lineage of allegorical figuration is evoked by the shift to ceramic material.

Glazed ceramic “blanks” are being produced as we speak, to provide opportunities for collaboration with other students and professional artist/designers. Digital files of any 2D image can be converted into specialized Ceramic Decals and kiln-fired onto the form, providing a unique transformative “skin.” Darwin is all about adaptation.

The project is part of an ongoing laboratory called FACTORY @ Emily Carr, and it marks the launch of the University’s new Centre for Applied Art and Material Production, an initiative dedicated to cultural inquiry regarding the contemporary circulation of images and objects.