Alumni Works Added to Vancouver Art Gallery Permanent Collection

Sonny Assu in his studio
Posted: Thu, 2012-12-13 19:02

The Vancouver Art Gallery recently announced the acquisition of seven young BC-based artists to their permanent collection. The award-winning artists include alumni Raymond Boisjoly (’06), Rebecca Brewer (’07), Etienne Zack (’00), Sonny Assu (’02) and Corin Sworn (’02).

Showcasing emerging BC artists is integral to the mission of the gallery. In a Vancouver Sun article, alumna and Vancouver Art Gallery chief curator Daina Augaitis (’83) explained that this is an opportunity to bring in pieces at an early stage of an artist's career to show their emergence in a community. The selected works have all been exhibited in galleries across the country and internationally. Acquisitions were made possible by the Audain Foundation with matching funds from the Canada Council for the Arts Acquisition Assistance Program.

These additions to the collection join the work of the following illustrious alumni and faculty: 

Roy Arden (’82), Marian Penner Bancroft (’69/Faculty), B.C. Binning (’32), Molly Lamb Bobak (’41), Karin Bubaš (’98), Arabella Campbell (’02), Neil Campbell (’76), Andrew Dadson (’03), Eric Deis (’99), Stan Douglas, (’82), Michael Drebert (’06), Diane Evans (‘78/faculty), Geoffrey Farmer (’92), Graham Gillmore (’85), Angela Grossmann (‘85/faculty), Hadley + Maxwell (’98), Jeremy Hof (’07), Irene Hoffar Reid (’29), E.J. Hughes (’33), Carole Itter (’61), Ann Kipling (’58), Don Jarvis (’48), Brian Jungen (’92), Attila Richard Lukacs (’85), Landon Mackenzie (faculty), Jason McLean (’97), Liz Magor (‘71/faculty), Elizabeth McIntosh, Damian Moppett (’92), Michael Morris (’65), Marianne Nicolson (’96), Yuxweluptun (’83), Isabelle Pauwels (’01), Henri Robideau (faculty), Marina Roy (faculty), Kevin Schmidt (’96), Jeremy Shaw (’99), Steven Shearer (’93), Gordon Smith (’46), Dan Starling (’05), T&T (’02, ’01),  Howard Ursuliak (faculty), Renee Van Halm (‘75/Professor Emeritus), Neil Wedman (‘77/faculty), Laura Wee Lay Laq, and Elizabeth Zvonar (’01). As well as former student Robert Davidson and former faculty Randy Bradley, Jim Breukelman, Orville Fisher, Eric Metcalfe, Jack Shadbolt, Takao Tanabe, Althea Thauberger and Ian Wallace.

Congratulations to our talented alumni!

Visit Vancouver Sun to read an article on these new additions to the permanent collection at the VAG.