Scott Forsythe Awarded Prestigious IKEA Sweden Internship

Scott E. Forsythe, 4th Year Industrial Design Student and IKEA of Sweden Intern, 2014
Posted: Mon, 2014-09-22 13:23

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Waiting to fly out for a destination wedding in Las Vegas, 4th year Industrial Design student Scott Forsythe noticed a new email from Emily Carr University’s Career and Co-Op Office.

An alert for the senior Industrial Design students – the prestigious brand IKEA of Sweden had hand-selected Emily Carr University’s Design program for inclusion in a special internship competition.  He was intrigued.

Reading through the fine print, Scott quickly understood two things: competition would be high; odds of selection would be low.  IKEA had narrowed its list to twelve schools from around the globe for participation, allowing each to put forward only their three most interesting candidate submissions to compete for one of three internships with the company. If selected by Emily Carr, he would only go on to compete with not only his top colleagues, but 32 other students selected for inclusion by, arguably, the world’s top design programs, as evaluated by IKEA.

Bird E Light, design by Scott E. ForsytheBut somehow, too, in those first moments, there was no doubt in Scott’s mind he would give it his very best effort.  This internship was a coveted opportunity: international brand IKEA of Sweden + 5 month internship + compensation + accommodation in Älmhult for the duration. It would be a dream come true to work with the furniture industry giant, known for combining design senses of fun and universal practicality, and furthermore, embodying the values of environmental sustainability and democratic design.

Scott was more than inspired and he was unwilling to risk putting off his submission.  Through that October weekend in the city that never sleeps, Scott didn’t either. He spent every spare minute assembling his application for IKEA of Sweden’s internship competition.

On November 15th, Scott received the call from the Career and Co-Op Office, "You're going to Sweden!"

We asked Scott to share more about his unique path to Emily Carr, his design ideals and the things he wants to accomplish – in February with IKEA and beyond.

Here’s our Q&A with Mr. Scott E. Forsythe and his CBC On The Coast interview with host Stephen Quinn that aired December 27th, 2013. (interview begins at 0:38:30)