Story Contributions For Student #MeToo Project

Posted: Tue, 2017-11-14 20:52

Hello Ladies, I need your help, more specifically, I need your stories.

I’m working on a digital media project for my film class about sexual assault and harassment, and for my project, I need your sexual assault or harassment story. 1 in 6 women experiences sexual assault sometime in their lifetime and 1 in 5 women in college experience sexual assault. These numbers are too high, and they are my inspiration for this project. The project will encompass pairs of women’s underwear around my school, Emily Carr University, with URL’s written on them where students can go and view a video of your story being read aloud. These stories are very personal, and as such, I want to give you as much control over them as possible. There is no minimum or maximum length, you be as brief or as elaborative as you feel you need to be. You will be able to be completely anonymous if you would like, or you can choose to have your name attached to your story, either first, last or your full name.

I want this project to not only raise awareness about sexual assault but to also show women, that they are not alone in their experiences. If you want to share your story with me, please email metoodocumentary.

Deadline for submissions - November 20, 2017. Please note that you will need to sign a release form to participate.