Amplify Her - film screening at the Rio Nov 28th features 3 Emily Carr Alumini

Amplify Her screening at the Rio
Posted: Fri, 2017-11-24 12:18

Documentary AMPLIFY HER Coming to the Rio Theatre with Two Back-to-Back Screenings Official Trailer 

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Local filmmakers are bringing the documentary AMPLIFY HER to Vancouver with two back-to-back screenings at the Rio Theatre on November 28th - featuring work from 3 Emily Carr alumini; Kristen Turcotte (animation), Krista Gibbard and Molly AppleJohn (illustration).

Expect to meet many amazing members of various studios from around town at the screening!

AMPLIFY HER is a documentary film, graphic novel and animated motion comic series exploring the rise of female artists in the electronic music scene. Imagined and brought to life by more than 21 female creators across North America – many of them based in Vancouver – the 89-minute feature follows seven up-and-coming stars as they find their unique voices within a male-dominated realm. On the surface, it’s a story about women in the electronic music industry, but the film’s deeper message is the resurgence of “the feminine” in Western culture.

Screening Tuesday, November 28 Location: Rio Theatre, 1660 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V5N 1W1

Advanced tickets recommended. Get a student discount!

Early show: 6 pm (doors at 5:30pm) Featuring a live performance by c o z y before the screening.

Late show: 8:30 pm (doors at 7:45pm) Featuring 60-minute performance by Kytami following the screening.

Fun Facts:

6 out of 7 illustrators on the project live in Vancouver.

4 out of 6 animators live in Vancouver Animators on the project have worked for: DHX, Atomic Cartoons, Bardel, Titmouse, Amazon Studios, Netflix, NFB. and Knowledge Network.

The Illustrator/Animators on the project studied at Vancouver Film School and Emily Carr.

AppleCat is a music Producer who grew up in Vancouver.

Blondtron is also a music Producer who studied sound and audio engineering in Vancouver where she started her career.

Hope to see you there :)