SOCS 310 - Curatorial Practices - Cordially Invites You

Posted: Tue, 2017-12-05 22:56

December 7th | 5pm

This iconic exhibition is a reinterpretation of Harold Szeeman’s exhibition Live In Your Head through five diverse projects.

The exhibitions are dispersed throughout the school at the following locations:

  • First Floor, opposite of the reliance theatre: Student Doing Things
  • Second Floor, located near Loafe cafe, but is portable and will move around the school as time progreses Emily Carr Open Archive
  • Second Floor, in the atrium: Accession Accumalative Collaboration
  • Fourth Floor, room B4110: EC Live in your Head  
  • Terms of Use can be seen throughout the school.

Looking into Harold Szeeman’s exhibition Live In Your Head: When
Attitudes Become Form: Works - Concepts - Processes - Situations -
Information, the show held at Kunstalle Bern in the spring of 1969 era
of the death of the author parallels questions of accessibility
within institutions, communities, information, and agency. These ideas
become a process of looking at what provisional spaces can be created
and utilized as a response to this new campus, as well as Emily Carr
as an institution.