The Time Light and Sound Series Lunchtime Conversation with Sung Hsin-yin, director of “On Happiness Road”

Poster image for the animated feature "On Happiness Road"
Posted: Tue, 2018-10-02 16:37

"On Happiness Road" is an animated feature film from Taiwan. Please join us on Thursday, Oct 4 from 11:45a - 12:45p in The Animation Studio, located in room A3030 on campus.

The film guides its audience through the island’s turbulent recent past. Born on April 5, 1975 (the same day Chiang Kai-shek died), the main character Chi lives through decades of political upheaval, as Taiwan wrestles with its identity and strives for democratic freedoms. “On Happiness Road” is Taiwan’s first 2D hand-drawn animated feature, and Director Sung Hsin-yin will be visiting Emily Carr to have a conversation about it’s creation.

Join us to learn about the making of the film and for conversation with the director. The feature will be screening Oct 3 + 4 through the Taiwan Cultural Centre.

See this Facebook Event page for ticket information: