Pssst...Francisco recommends

Posted: Wed, 2010-04-28 15:04

Who are you? Francisco-Fernando Granados

What program are you in? Fine Arts, 2010 Graduate

Top 5 items you would like to take with you from the library when you graduate:

  1. Pedro Almodovar - Bad education (DVD)
  2. Coco Fusco -  The bodies that were not ours: and other writings (book)
  3. Shahzia Sikander (book)
  4. Rebecca Belmore - Rising to the occasion (book)
  5. Astra Taylor -  Examined Life: philosophy is in the street (DVD)
    5 won't do I need to add a bonus
  6. Brice Canyon - Live at the end of the century : aspects of performance art in Vancouver (book)

What am i listening to:
Charlotte Gainsberg - IRM
Rita Indiana y Los Misterios - Lo Hora de Volve song

Tips for art school survival:
I researched my instructors before taking their courses. If I knew about a bit about their background I could understand their perspective better.

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