QR codes

Posted: Tue, 2010-08-31 13:41

While QR codes have been used in Japan since the mid 90s, only recnetly you can see them in use in Canada. You can see these two-dimensional black and white square codes in advertising, print media, movies, video games and in manufacturing. We're experimenting with using QR codes in the Library to connect our physical and virtual collections. While the Library has lots of great books, DVDs and magazines, we also subscribe to many journal article databases, and have useful information on our website.

If you have a smart phone (like an iPhone, or Android), the first step is to download a reader. Next, activate the reader and scan one of the QR codes in the Library. Your phone will open the web page that's associated with the QR code. The one on this page will take you to the Wikipedia page about QR codes.

Right now we've added QR code signs near our new books display, on the filing cabinets where the artist books and artist files are stored, and in our reference collection.

As we create more subject guides, which are starting points for researching in a specific area, we'll add signs that have QR codes. For example, when  you're browsing the books on ergonomics you'll be able to easily see what databases and websites we recommend for that subject area.

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