Photography Major

The photography program at Emily Carr University spans Foundation through fourth year with a curriculum focused on the development of a strong understanding of both analogue and digital photographic practices, including the use of both colour and black and white darkrooms. This emphasis is combined with multidisciplinary approaches to the medium. Based on their knowledge of the conceptual, technical and historical uses of photography, students are prepared to become innovative photographic practitioners within contemporary culture.

The photography major begins with a structured second year devoted to establishing a solid grounding in traditional photographic art practices with an emphasis on seeing photographically while learning the practical skills of the medium.  Starting with analogue black and white printing, the subsequent curriculum covers a wide range of digital and analogue processes including colour printing, Photoshop, inkjet printing, and the combination of digital and analogue processes such as negative scanning and lightjet printing. Students take a number of required and elective photography courses which cover location and studio photography, the use of medium and large format cameras, non-silver processes, installations, studio lighting, projected imagery, storytelling, image & text, and may also include video practices and directorial work. During third and fourth year, students deepen their knowledge, skills, and concepts through classes, seminars, self-directed projects, research presentations, readings, exhibitions, and professional practice studies. 

Photography majors are also required to take art history and critical studies courses examining the work of historical and contemporary photographers and other artists. These studies are combined with theory, writing, drawing, and electives in other media.  

By graduation, photo majors will have produced a substantial body of work and should be able to express an understanding of how and where their work fits within the context of contemporary art and photographic practices. 

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Degree requirements for Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography:


Arni Haraldsson

Kyla Mallett

Raymond Boisjoly

John Wertschek

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Geoffrey Wallang

Michael Love

Kevin Bertram