Visual Arts Major

The program actively promotes the interrelationship between material practice and critical reflection through material and intellectual experimentation. The Visual Arts Stream takes into account the development of studio skills, creation, analysis and understanding within social and cultural contexts. Blending rigorous individual and group critiques, the program provides a balanced integration of theory, practice and production.

The Visual Art Major maintains an emphasis on studio programs with a concentrated focus in ceramics, drawing, illustration, painting, photography, print media and sculpture. Faculty have a strong interest in hybrid  and interdisciplinary practices that merge these disciplines as well as an engagement with traditional and emerging technologies.

Degree requirements for Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts:

Areas of study:





Sculpture and Expanded Practices


Judy Davis, Dean

Kyla Mallett, Assistant Dean, Visual Art Curriculum

Dr Ruth Beer, Assistant Dean, Research

Annie Briard, Coordinator, Public Engagement

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