Emily Alert - Emergency Notification System

How-To and FAQ


  • Login to myEC
  • Click on the appropriate link for you: Student; Staff; or Faculty.
  • Click on "Address Change" under the "My Account" heading to view your registered contact numbers. You can register home, cell, and other numbers
  • Ensure your preferred email address for important communications is registered here.

To be removed from the list, email glloyd@ecuad.ca


What is it?

Emily Alert is a mass emergency notification system that can send a short emergency message to students, faculty and staff, alerting them to emergencies that may cause the campus to be closed or require evacuation of the campus. An example might look like this: “Due to adverse weather in the Lower Mainland, the campus has been closed for today. Please check the Emily Carr website for updated information.”

How does it work?

A short message will be sent to you via the contact information you have provided the University, by the following ways:

- SMS / Text message to cell (if provided)
- Phone call and voicemail to cell (if provided)
- Phone call and voicemail to secondary phone (if provided)
- Emily Carr email address
- Personal email address (if provided)

You should be contacted only once, and once you have confirmed that you have received the message, no further attempts will be made to contact you.

Why should I update my information?

In order to receive the Emily Alerts, the University needs your contact information to be current. Please take a few minutes to update your information within myEC. Ensure your contact phone numbers are correct and that you correctly identify your cell number and home number.

Why didn’t I receive the alert?

You may not have received an alert because the incorrect information was provided on your account. Please re‐check that the correct phone numbers and email addresses have been provided.

Is the alert system tested?

Yes, the system will be tested at least once annually, usually as part of an emergency drill. You will be notified ahead of time that a drill will be taking place, and that the alert system is going to be used.

What if I don’t want the alerts?

If you do not wish to receive any alerts, please email glloyd@ecuad.ca and provide your name and ID number.

What if I am removed from the alert system and decide I want to receive alerts?

If you wish to receive alerts again, please email glloyd@ecuad.ca and provide your name and ID number.

Will my contact information be shared with anyone?

A third party provider oversees the system with secure servers and back‐up servers housed within Canada and Europe. Personal information is not shared with anyone, and all contact information used has been provided from you to the University.

What kind of messages can I expect to receive?

Messages will only be sent in the event of an emergency which could impact access to classes or to the campus, or if your safety is compromised. Some examples:

- A large fire;
- A building collapse;
- A snow closure or other adverse weather;
- An earthquake;
- An active threat on campus; or
- Some other event that may impact classes or the ability of the University to remain open

What should I do if I get a message?

Follow the instructions outlined in the message.