The Jake Kerr Faculty of Graduate Studies

The Jake Kerr Faculty of Graduate Studies supports graduate level programs and research at Emily Carr. The Master of Fine Arts degree is offered through a full-time Master of Fine Arts program and a Low Residency program.  These programs facilitate multi-disciplinary interaction among students and learning experiences across the disciplines of design, media and visual arts. Graduate research fosters explorations and innovation, and promotes excellence in art and design through links with professionals in all fields. Graduate Studies maintains close ties with the state-of- the-art Intersections Digital Studios research facility.






Hélène Day Fraser, Associate Dean, Master of Design, Graduate Studies

Trish Kelly, Associate Dean, Master of Fine Arts, Graduate Studies

Sadira Rodrigues, Course Leader, Master of Fine Arts Low-Residency 

Caitlin Eakins, Administrative Assistant 

For application or program information, contact: