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Videos, DVDs and films from the Library's collection, as well as from other BC post-secondary libraries can be booked for a specific day for the purposes of classroom screenings or classroom presentations as well as to preview for research purposes. As media bookings are primarily to support teaching and learning at Emily Carr University, bookings can not be made for entertainment purposes.

Materials booked from other BC post-secondary libraries are borrowed on your behalf by the Ron Burnett Library + Learning Commons through BC-Electronic Library Network (BC-ELN).

There is no longer the need to ensure a public performance license is in place for classroom screenings. You can show movies, films, or other cinematographic works in the classroom, under the strict condition that such use is for educational or training purposes, is not for profit, and that the screening takes place on the Emily Carr campus for an audience primarily comprised of students, faculty, or staff of the University.  For screenings that are open to the public, see the section "Can I screen films for a fundraiser or student event?" below or contact the library for information on public performance licensing.

Who can use the Media Booking service?
This service is available to current faculty at Emily Carr University.

How much does it cost?
The library incurs fees when requesting media items from other institutions on your behalf. The library currently subsidises this program. Patrons who do not pickup requested items will be charged a non-pickup fee. 

Patrons will also be fined for in-house media bookings that are not picked up, as these items have been reserved and pulled from the collection specifically for you, impacting access by other library patrons. If a patron cancels their interlibrary loan media booking prior to it being shipped or their in-house media booking prior to the screening date the fines will be waived. See Fines + Fees.

How long can I book a media item?
When placing a media booking request please indicate how long you require the item. Bookings can be made for a specific screening date or for a longer period to allow for pick-up before the screening date, preview and queuing. The maximum length for a media booking is two weeks. Requests for longer booking periods may be considered for items that are not in high-use.

How do I request a Media Booking?
It is recommended that you plan ahead whenever possible and request your bookings well in advance of your proposed screening dates. A minimum of 2 weeks notice is required in order to guarantee your bookings will be available, though requests are taken at any time and processed when possible.

Faculty who are planning to screen a number of films during the semester are encouraged to email their semester-long screening schedule(s) in advance of the start of semester to allow the Media Booking Department ample time to confirm requests.

Media Booking request can be made several ways:

How do I book videos not held in the Ron Burnett Library + Learning Commons collection?
When available, videos, DVDs or films that are not available at the Ron Burnett Library + Learning Commons will be requested from other BC post-secondary libraries through BC-ELN. As videos must be shipped to the Emily Carr Library, they must be requested well in advance of your proposed screening date(s).

Please note, not all videos held in other post-secondary library's collections are available for loan due to licensing restrictions. Videos can not be loaned to the Ron Burnett Library + Learning Commons from public libraries.

You are responsible for observing the conditions of the lending library which may restrict use of the material. You will be held responsible for any damage or loss incurred while borrowed material is in your possession.

Can I screen films for a fundraiser or student event?
Showing films for purposes other than classroom teaching is a separate area and needs to be discussed on a case by case basis due to copyright legislation.

The Ron Burnett Library + Learning Commons subscribes to two entertainment site-licenses through Audio Cine Films as well as through Criterion Pictures (not related to Criterion Collection films). Many feature films are licensed for entertainment use to non-paying audiences on campus. Screening films not covered by either site-license may be in violation of Canadian copyright law.

Please contact the library for assistance,

How will I be notified about my media booking?
If there is a problem with your booking (for example, if the item you have requested is not available for your requested screening date) the Media Booking Department will notify you as soon as possible.

Most requests are processed within twenty-four hours. However, during peak periods it may take longer for the Media Bookings Departments to process your requests. You will receive an email confirming your booking(s).

How long can I keep my bookings?
Media bookings are due the day after the show date unless other arrangements have been made at the time of booking. The due date will be clearly marked on the yellow slip attached to the outside of the video case. 

Media bookings cannot be renewed. If you require an extension please email the media bookings department. If you wish to put materials on course reserve before or after they are screened, please specify the dates in the Media Booking Request Form. 

Where do I pick up and return media materials?
On the morning of the show date, media bookings can be picked up at the library circulation desk. The materials will be checked out to your library account and must be returned to the circulation desk by their due date. You will be held responsible for any damage or loss incurred while borrowed material is in your possession.

Please note, it is important to return your media bookings on time as there may be other bookings for the material. Failure to return materials on time may impact other borrowers scheduled screenings and will result in fines accruing at the rate of $1/day/item.

For more information contact:
Ron Burnett Library + Learning Commons
Emily Carr University of Art + Design
Media Booking Department                                                                           604.844.3077