Art + Text

Callista MacLennan, 'Deconstructed Romance Novels (Meet) (Memory) (Forgot) (Remember), 2013ART + TEXT MINOR

Are you an artist working with text? Are you taking, or thinking about taking courses that incorporate the use of text in a visual art context? The Art + Text minor offers students an opportunity to explore the various ways that text operates within contemporary visual art, and to develop the use of text within their individual practices.

Artworks using text often challenge the conventions of the visual and conceptual in image making. Whether in the form of printed texts, artist books, words on the wall, or recorded speech, experiments with language explore the limits and modes of communication. The Art + Text Minor considers alternative structures of distribution including artist’s books and multiples, libraries, online database projects as well as utilizing typography as an artistic tool, and places equal focus on concepts and materials by providing contexts and skills for considering and working with text-based art practices. 

The Art + Text Minor is 18 designated credits including two core courses (9 credits), and three further courses (for an additional 9 credits) from a selected list of relevant elective options that address contemporary practices including text-as-image, the book form, the archive, as well as sound and writing-based practices. 

Required Credits:

  • VAST 305       Art + Text Studio (6 credits)
  • HUMN 303      Art + Text Seminar (3 credits)

Elective Credits options:

  • AHIS 325         Studies in Modern Art (with related topic)       
  • AHIS 332         Directed Readings                              
  • AHIS 333         Interdisciplinary Forums (with related topic)
  • AHIS 408         Topics in Modernism (with related topic)        
  • COMD 204       Typographic Communication
  • COMD 304       Typographic Systems
  • COMD 314       Complex Typography
  • COMD 319         Kinetic Typography
  • COMD 404       Advanced Typography
  • COMD 420       Type Design
  • ENGL 200        Creative Writing
  • HUMN 311       Visual Arts Seminar: (with related topic)
  • HUMN 411       Written Project
  • ILUS 306       Illustration Projects (with related topic)
  • ISMA 301        Social Media Projects
  • ISMA 305        Interactivity: Narrative: Graphic Novel
  • PHOT 207       Drawing, Writing + Photography
  • PHOT 301       Image + Text                    
  • PRNT 232        Print Media: Book Media
  • PRNT 303        Directed Projects - Book Media
  • PRNT 322        The Book As Object
  • VAST 310        Visual Arts: Special Topics  (with related topic)
  • PRNT 323        Book The Democratic Multiple
  • VAST 313        Visual Arts Projects (with related topic)
  • VAST 420        Thematic Senior Studio (with related topic)