Curatorial Practices Minor


Are you intrigued by the creative possibilities of curating? If so, the Curatorial Practices Minor introduces students to the history, theory, and practice of curating within the contemporary visual arts.

Through a combination of research and practice, students will consider historical precedents, modes of theoretical inquiry, and the real world issues that collectively shape the curatorial field. With an emphasis on the development of critical and speculative thinking that encourages personal research, this minor offers a unique perspective on contemporary art that interrogates the artist/curator model and firmly connects academic and studio coursework.

Potential outcomes may include: grant writing, exhibition plans, curatorial proposals (physical or virtual exhibitions), the development of criteria for self-curating or curating in relation to one’s peers, and the completion of curatorial projects. The Curatorial Practices Minor assists students with internships and external collaboration of all kinds, including newly developed networked cultures, and prepares students to integrate curatorial strategies into their material production.

Required Credits:

  • SOCS 310 Studies in Curatorial Practices (3 credits)
  • WRTG 300 Writing Criticism (formerly ENGL 300) (3 credits)
  • AHIS 401 Topics in Curatorial Projects (3 credits)

Plus three courses from the following options:

  • AHIS 325 Studies in Modern Art                                              
  • AHIS 410 Topics in Global Art
  • AHIS 301 History of Print Practice
  • AHIS 303 Canadian Art I
  • AHIS 403 Canadian II
  • AHIS 304 Art Now: Studies in Contemporary Art
  • AHIS 320 Studies in Feminism, Gender, Cultural Studies       
  • AHIS 330 Contemporary Aboriginal Art
  • AHIS 404 Art Now: Topics in Contemporary Art                       
  • AHIS 410 Topics in Global Art
  • AHIS 408 Topics in Modernism
  • AHIS 420 Topics in Feminism, Gender, Cultural Studies
  • CCID 300 Community Projects
  • DESN 301 Exhibit Design
  • HUMN 311 Visual Arts Seminar (topic specific)
  • WRTG 411 Written Project (formerly HUMN 411)
  • SOCS 302 The Ethics of Representation