Faculty of Culture + Community

 If social responsibility, community engagement, cultural diversity, service and sustainability are principles you value, check out Emily Carr's Faculty of Culture and Community. This Faculty is adaptive, flexible and responsive to changing social, and cultural conditions.

We promote and support innovative curriculum, and engage directly with various communities beyond the University, both in the non-profit sector and with industry. Students from all of Emily Carr University degree programs are given the opportunity to work on community projects as part of their respective programs. Current projects include such initiatives as the collaboration with the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation and an ongoing partnership with BCRTC where student's work is showcased in transit stations across Metro Vancouver. The Faculty of Culture and Community also contains the Film and Video Program, which is well known for its Documentary Practices courses and for its unique internship program which links film/video students with various communities as part of their course of study.

In the Faculty of Culture and Community dedicated artists, designers, and scholars align their research with teaching, ensuring that Emily Carr University is a leader in sustainability, community engagement and innovative research. Our educational model is based on adaptive, effective curriculum that will enable students to be successful, both in the continuation of their chosen career path and also as citizens in a rapidly changing social environment. We have a global outlook, yet we are also dedicated to fostering a strong local and regional presence through meaningful and mutually beneficial collaborations throughout BC.  Art, design and media are a vital components of a healthy society, supported as such by the community at large. At Emily Carr University, we gain such recognition through rich programming in public engagement and by an emphasis on sustainability, both environmental and social, as a key component of our educational philosophy.

We foster an environment that values creative risk-taking and critical thinking through courses such as Community Projects (200/300 level) a 3-credit open elective where students and faculty engage in a project with a community partner. The intent of this course is to facilitate the understanding of the ethical frameworks and methodologies necessary for community practices, especially those involving collaboration with marginal and at-risk communities. As part of this class, students have the opportunity to apply field research and forge strong community relationships by working in a particular organization. Responding to the diversity of students interests, skills and experience our projects encompass a broad range of media including audio/photo/video, visual art, writing, and design.