Faculty of Culture + Community

The Faculty of Culture + Community

The Faculty of Culture + Community forges meaningful and engaged partnerships with the larger community, industry and other institutions and universities.

The mandate of the Faculty of Culture + Community includes sustainability, both environmental and social, effective communication strategies and adaptive, innovative curriculum able to respond to changing social conditions.

The Faculty of Culture + Community is comprised of diverse curriculum areas of the University, and facilitates internal and external collaborations. Included in this faculty are the Foundation program, Visual Culture and English, Community Projects, and our new interdisciplinary SPACE Minor.

The Faculty of Culture + Community is a site for innovative curriculum development and research projects that offer students a context and ethical framework for ongoing community engagement.

1st Year Foundation Program

Critical + Cultural Studies

Critical + Cultural Practices Major

SPACE Minor  (check here for CCID topics courses as well)

Community Partnerships

Past Community Partnerships




Cissie Fu, Dean, Faculty of Culture + Community

Diyan Achjadi, Assistant Dean, Foundation Program | Decolonial Methodologies

Justin Langlois, Assistant Dean, Critical + Cultural Practices | Integrated Learning

Current Culture + Community Faculty