The Audain Faculty of Art

Welcome to Emily Carr University's Audain Faculty of Art.

Artists make things, artworks that come from ideas. At Emily Carr University we continually to ask ourselves: what are the conditions needed for innovative ideas to be realized? What are the qualities that contribute to a progressive community of artists, and how can we encourage a community of intellectually engaged, collaborative and cooperative artists? What can we do to create a learning community that is idealistic and visionary and and also acknowledges difference as a reality of contemporary life?

There are many qualities that make Emily Carr University an exceptional place to study, including our outstanding faculty, staff and resources. As a community of like-minded artists dedicated to providing our students with a positive, productive, learning community immersed in contemporary art practices, we encourage making artworks with a high degree of conceptual sophistication and social relevance.

Today the reach of art is global and Emily Carr’s graduates and Vancouver’s artists are highly regarded around the world for their contributions to contemporary culture. Our faculty are part of an international network of artists who strive to give their students the skills to succeed and become leaders in our constantly changing world. We pride ourselves in knowing that we are graduating artists who research, produce, and present their work within a broad global cultural economy.

Prospective students: expect to challenged. While attending Emily Carr University you will build lifelong friendships with a diverse group of engaged colleagues. When you graduate you will join a proud and accomplished group of artists, and take your place among alumni who are successful and possess the drive and passion necessary to excel in competitive creative environments. You will not be disappointed!