Ian Gillespie Faculty of Design + Dynamic Media

Welcome to the Ian Gillespie Faculty of Design + Dynamic Media.  We are an exciting and vigorous Faculty that houses integrated programming including Communication Design, Industrial Design, Interaction Design, Animation, Interactive Art and Design, and Computer Graphics with 2D, 3D and motion software.  We have a great team of faculty members who are extraordinary in their ability to adapt, update and meet the challenges arising from the demands of technology and professional accreditation.

Our programs explore experimental, collaborative, and socially and ecologically sustainable practices through various methodologies. Our students gain technical skills and the conceptual knowledge needed to become responsible, dynamic and creative innovators through a broad range of studies. To begin with, this year marks the inaugural year where students working towards a BFA can officially concentrate in DIVA — Digital and Interactive Art and Design. This concentration immerses the student in art and technology, and the ethics and theories related to studio practices in technology. Secondly, our Animation students are able to participate in an open and flexible program that embraces diverse media — from commercial to experimental to 3D animation — to develop as creative animation designers and critical thinkers. Finally, our design curriculum is well known for its commitment to sustainable issues. In the spring of 2008, Premier Gordon Campbell referred to our design degree as the first in the world to make sustainable issues a requirement for all design students. All design students are required to take Ecological Perspectives in Design in the spring of their 2nd year of their degree. This course is also open as an elective to any student enrolled at Emily Carr.

Our students also have an excellent reputation for working with external partners. They have participated in collaborations with companies and corporations including BC Children’s Hospital, National Research Council Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation, GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre, Translink, Telus Communications, Visa/2010 Olympics and Bell Canada. In addition to this, our animation students recently collaborated with Consumer Protection BC to produce a 30-second public service announcement for cinemas province-wide.

The Ian Gillespie Faculty of Design + Dynamic Media is committed to interdisciplinary practices and frequently collaborates internally with programs from Visual Art + Material Practice to produce hybrid programming. You will often find our Design students working alongside Visual Arts students in our printmaking studios, ceramics studios, as well as metal and wood shops. Many animation and DIVA students also work with film/video students and experiment with installations and sculpture.

This is an exciting time for students and faculty members alike who are engaged in issues in design, dynamic media and its relationship to technology, and who are seeking to become leaders in this ever-changing and competitive visual world. As a community of thinkers and makers, capable of dealing with complex ideas and situations, we understand our responsibility to meet human and ecological needs — locally and globally.