Ian Gillespie Faculty of Design + Dynamic Media

The Ian Gillespie Faculty of Design + Dynamic Media responds to the changing needs in the world around us, on a variety of scales, and focuses on the development of comprehensive messaging, experiences, and the social context. Our award-winning students take leadership in areas such as sustainable design, medical and health issues, regional products, recreational products, systems design, information design, typography, visual communications, commercial, experimental and 3D animation, visual story-telling, film, video, integrated media and interactivity.  Upon graduation, these emerging designers and artists continue their leadership in creative industries and innovation around the globe.



This Faculty houses the Bachelor of Design and the Bachelor of Media Arts degrees.


Deborah Shackleton, Dean

Christopher Hethrington Assistant Dean, Design

Communication Design
Industrial Design
Interaction Design

Leslie Bishko, Assistant Dean, Dynamic Media

Current Design + Dynamic Media Faculty



Digital Resource Requirement

1. This requirement applies to all students in all programs.

2. The University recommends the purchase of the latest available MacBook Pro. A PC equivalent is acceptable. Also, it is not mandatory for students to purchase a new laptop if they already have one; however all laptops need to meet the following specifications in order to operate the most current version of the Adobe Creative Cloud and to keep up with expectations of the curriculum.

Ram: 8GB or better
Hard drive: 500GB or better
Intel i5 or i7 processor or better
Wireless: Wi-Fi 802.11g, 802.11N, or better
Graphics Memory: 500MB or better

System Requirements for the Adobe Creative Cloud can be found here: http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/system-requirements.html#Systemrequirements

3. All students subject to the digital resource requirement pay a mandatory yearly subscription fee each September for the Adobe Creative Cloud, at a significant discount. COMD and INTD students additionally purchase a copy of the Education Font Essential. Please note: it is not possible to “opt out” of the subscription, so to avoid paying twice, do not purchase this software elsewhere!  If you already have a subscription, you can delay the start of your Emily Carr provided one for up to 10 months until your current subscription lapses. Students wishing to use Adobe software prior to the start of the semester are encouraged to download a free 30-day trial at the Adobe site.

4. IT Services will provide limited technical support for student laptops. This support is limited to helping with access to University wireless network and curriculum printing resources. Curriculum printing support from student laptops is only provided for Mac laptops and not PCs. The University does not generally help students with hardware, operating system, application software, and virus issues on student laptops.


What are the financial costs for students?
The costs attached to the digital resource requirement include hardware and software costs, as follows:

*Emily Carr has joined forces with Apple to create the Apple on Campus program. With Apple on Campus, the goal is to provide students, and parents of students at our institution with a full range of Mac hardware, software and peripherals at the best prices.

If you choose to purchase an Apple product for school, we recommend that you shop on our school’s online store to ensure that you get the exclusive pricing available to us. The online store is a fully secure site, and it’s accessible via the Emily Carr intranet site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. What’s more, is once you buy - you’ll get free delivery* right to your doorstep.


The yearly subscription fee is set in the Summer when the University renews licensing contracts with Adobe. Students in COMD and INTD are also required to acquire from the University a copy of Education Font Essential.

Are laptops covered by Student Loans?
The purchase of capital equipment for a student’s program (such as computers, cameras, etc) is not supported in the funding framework of the Canada Student Loans program.  The only expenditure allowable is for books and supplies to a maximum of $1,500 per 4 month semester which can include up to $300 in computer-related supplies such as ink, toner, internet connections.*  All Emily Carr students applying for student loans have this maximum allowance considered in their overall need assessment. While some aspects of student loan eligibility calculation are appealable due to extenuating circumstances, the purchase of a laptop (whether the school makes it mandatory or not) is not an appealable issue.

*It is important to note that the book and supply expenditures for student loans is not policed.  Students are not required to provide receipts demonstrating how they spend their book/supply allowance.

Are Industrial Design students expected to run PC-based 3D software on their laptops?
No. PC-based 3D software will continue to be taught in the school’s PC labs. Students will have access to these labs to do their work. If you choose to run such software on your laptop, it is up to you to decide whether to run it on a PC laptop, or a Mac laptop with Windows or other necessary software.