Diyan Achjadi



  • 2012

    The drawings in this series borrow imagery from Indonesian textiles (in particular batik cloths from Java), Western-European wallpaper and fabric patterns, and renaissance engravings and woodcuts. Combined with hand-silkscreened ben-day dots, these pictures construct environments that may seem to be simultaneously mythological and contemporary, referring as much to comic book illustration and science fictions as to traditional folk tales. Liminal beings populate these scenes --...

  • 2011

    Here is There is Here is a series of four drawings specifically constructed for display at the Aberdeen Canada Line Station in Richmond, BC. Commissioned by the City of Richmond Public Art Program for the No. 3 Road Columns Project, the works collapse images from around the station with references to Jakarta, Indonesia, exploring the ways that a place can be simultaneously familiar and foreign.

  • 2011

    A series of one-panel comics, with one-word conversations