Dr. Julie Andreyev



  • 2020

    Bird Park Survival Station
    multi-species climate emergency project, 2015-ongoing

    webpage: http://julieandreyev.com/bird-park/

    visit the Vimeo showcase to see the Bird Park videos, and read notes about each one.

    Bird Park Survival Station, is a research collaboration with local birds, including the crow family whose...

  • 2019

    Wild Empathy
    research and immersive art about Pacific Northwest ancient trees and forests, 2018-20
    website: wildempathy.org

    The Wild Empathy immersive art will be exhibited at Science World in their Search Gallery, fall 2019 to spring 2020.

    British Columbia (BC) is known for its wilderness and lush green forests. Our intact forests with old-growth trees...

  • 2016


    EPIC_Tom expands on new media performance by incorporating canine voice and creativity. For this interspecies project, the artists ask: what is a dog experiencing the moment just before catching a ball? Could it be proto-euphoric—eager, expectant, desirous? The performance explores visualizing and sonifying, in a live setting, canine collaborator Tom’s state of mind...