Raymond Claude Boisjoly



  • 2014

    Silent Trans-Forming is a video installation constructed of common materials. A black tarp is re-deployed as a screen which displays an enigmatic text, cut from its centre, concerning the passage of time. A silent black and white video of Pat & Lolly Vegas performing "Write Me, Baby" is projected onto this modified tarp.  This particular combination of elements is conceived as a deliberately ad hoc formation, informed by something other than a strict, defined...

  • 2014

    Exploring the politics of representation, Station to Station is comprised of abstracted film stills created through the productive misuse of technology. Sourced from Kent Mackenzie’s film, The Exiles (1961), These images are made by scanning the film while it is being played on a portable digital video player: turning moving images into still ones. The documentary style film follows a small group of Indigenous people living in Los Angeles. Over a twelve-hour period, the...

  • 2014

    Interlocutions derives from research concerning the use of printmaking technologies within Northwest Coast art in relation to Indigenous literary histories. These toner-based plotter prints depict texts written in response to works by Indigenous authors that negotiate the presence of the past within contemporary life.