Miles Thorogood



  • 2014

    During an installation of the work, audience members were able to select from different audio tracks (on headphones) while watching the work. The following 4 video clips are the same visually, taken from a recording of the live output of the generative system.  However, each clip uses a different sound track for the video.

    This new work builds on earlier creative experiments in metacreation and generative video by members of...

  • 2013

    Exhibited at the MUMEWE as part of ISEA 2013

    Sydney, Australia.


    Soundscape composition is the creative practice of processing and combining sound recordings to evoke auditory associations and memories within a listener. We present Audio Metaphor, an autonomous system for creating novel soundscape compositions. Audio Metaphor blends concepts from natural language queries derived from Twitter with semantically linked sound...

  • 2013

    Artists: Miles Thorogood and Ruth Beer

    Producer: Fraser River Discovery Centre

    This interactive artwork presents the Fraser River as an important route for trade and transport as well as a poetic inspiration. Viewers mirrored in the artwork become integral with it to underscore that their actions impact the life and sustainability of the river. 


    The artwork represents the river’s height derived...